Seminar at BAU

AST was invited on Wednesday March 8, 2023 to a seminar at BAU under the title: A Work – Ready Seminar Stand Out to Get Hired at Beirut Arab University.
During this seminar, an agreement was signed between the IT syndicate in Lebanon represented by Mr. George Khouiry and Beirut Arab University.
The goal is to support the students and guide them to the right direction in building their certifications program and conducting internships in multiple IT companies, so they are ready for the market right away after their graduation.
It was a successful seminar and a great initiative for students to be well qualified and prepared for the market. Of course, this matches AST’s policy which was setup since AST was founded. Our policy is to provide training to 12 fresh graduates per year (4 per quarter) and it was met in 2021, 2022 and now on track in 2023.

Meeting with Mr. Tony Franjieh

AST had a successful and productive meeting with the Member of the Lebanese Parliament and the chairman of the Information Technology committee in the Lebanese Parliament Mr. Tony Franjieh. We presented our #Mwakaba project and got a very positive feedback mainly for our initiative in supporting and assisting the process of digital transformation in municipalities and governmental sectors.
We both agreed that digitisation in Lebanon is a must and we should all (private and public sectors) get hand into hand to push forward on digital transformation.
Getting back to our vision and mission 2023: the big relaunch of #Mwakaba project started already in January 2023 and following the deadlines, it will be delivered by July 2023. So keep fingers crossed.

“ÉLAN” project is now online.

AST team is glad to announce that “ÉLAN” project is now online.

ÉLAN is a modern WordPress website for a German based clinic.

This website allows users to view all available medical treatments, cases and information about the specialized teams.

Users can also see the current offers and book their appointments online easily.