Miene physio

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Meine Physio website! for a physiotherapy  clinic based in Germany.
Feel free to explore the webpage of Meine Physio, developed by AST, It’s an informative platform showcases services provided by the Meine Physio team, offering insights into their expertise.
On the website, you’ll find a full description of Meine Physio, including contact information, address, phone number, and opening hours. Additionally, we provide a convenient contact us form for any inquiries or appointments you may wish to make.Discover more at http://meinephysio-weiterstadt.de#Meinephysio #AST #Physiotherapy #Germany #Alphametic_Services_and_Technologies

We are Excited to Introduce Mwakaba Mobile App

For an enhanced user experience, AST is excited to introduce the Mwakaba app alongside the Mwakaba website. The mobile app is now available on play store for Android user’s and the iOS version will be lunched soon.
This addition aims to streamline accessibility and simplify user interaction. The mobile app mirrors the website’s functionality, offering tutorials of usage and access to municipality forms. Additionally, users can explore a dedicated post section, featuring updates from various municipalities.
Feel Free to download the app and Explore Mwakaba

AST was honored to welcome Mr. Norman Sahl Poynor

AST was honored to welcome Mr. Norman Sahl Poynor (CEO of SV Gebäudeautomation GmbH)

As a sign for great cooperation between AST Lebanon and SV Gebäudeautomation GmbH Germany, Mr. Norman Sahl Poynor visited us together with our CEO Mr. Alaa Al Sayegh last weekend and we had some great events beside a successful workshop

#SVG #AST #softwaredevelopmentcompany #lebanon #teamgathering #jeitagrotto #baalbektemple #officeworkshop #goodtimes