Message from the AST Founder Mr. Alaa R. Al Sayegh

Our Founder, Mr.Alaa R. Al Sayegh posted on his linkedin page, on Sunday Mar 6, 2022:

“Waiting in Beirut airport heading back to Frankfurt.

Thank you AST team. It was a wonderful week with you. There is nothing better than seeing a small idea growing, spreading and being successful.

Despite these hard times in Lebanon, we started AST one year ago with one employee and one project, and now we are running 7 projects and having 10 employees and trainees.

AST is an initiative to help Lebanese talents overcome the current situation and learn how to convert difficulties to chances.

The mentality should change and we should start working for a productive economy and fight against corruption that destroyed this country. There are interesting projects in the pipeline. We aim to hire and train a bunch of talents this year and of course in the coming years.

In this context I should think about that crazy and aggressive war in Ukraine. In my humble opinion, there is no difference between tanks and corruption, both run a war but in different ways. No matter what kind of war, this should stop and we should all think, believe and work in and for a better future.”