The Mwakaba Project is now live in eight municipalities.

We are proud to announce that our Mwakaba project has been adopted by multiple municipalities.

Here’s what our CEO Mr. Alaa Ryad Al Sayegh had to say:

” It’s a great feeling to see a small idea grow and expand to be a platform. Happy and proud to share some encouraging news about the #Mwakaba project

Gibran Khalil Gibran said:

” ليس التقدم بتحسين ما كان، بل بالسير ومواكبة ما سيكون “

“Progress is not by improving what was, but by keeping up with what will be.”

Eight municipalities decided to keep up with modernity and digitalization by joining on #Mwakaba provided by the company:

AST – Alphametic Services and Technologies –

The municipalities are:

( Sharon Municipality
( Municipality of Abadieh
( Municipality of Sawfar
( Municipality of Badghan
( Municipality of Bsous
( Bhamdoun Municipality
( Municipality of Chaney
( Aramoun Municipality

And the number will increase in the coming weeks!! 💪 🤞 🤞 “

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