Virtual Reality (VR) World!

AST Takes its First Steps into the Virtual Reality (VR) World!
How can an online reality that doesn’t appear to be very real feel so authentic?

VR may not appear to be precisely like reality, but it follows many of the principles that our brain has trained to interpret as real, which is frequently enough to make us sweat.

We are proud and excited to share with everyone our successful progress during our new preparation for VR with Unity experiments, taking a step forward with our Unity VR Chapter. Rather than being generally known for its application in gaming, VR has shown a lot of potential in the medical realm. By minimizing discomfort for burn sufferers through immersing them in a snowy environment while their bandages are replaced, as well as using exposure therapy to ease phobias such as fear of heights and body dysmorphia, It is also utilized for physical treatment, such as supporting elderly people with their balance.