Launching our First Game Moving Balls

We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new Unity/VR department. This department will focus on creating VR solutions, body tracking and games based on Unity platform.
The new department just released yesterday the first game – Moving balls!!
Moving Balls is a fun and addictive game where you need to throw balls to hit other balls that have the same color. With multiple levels and challenging gameplay, this game will keep you engaged for hours.
It is available for testing on the Play Store.
Click on the following link to join the testing process:
We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback, so head to the Play Store and give it a try.

AST Strategy Planning Meeting 2023 via Microsoft Teams

AST team and the board members had their strategic planning meeting for 2023 on the 4th of January 2023. On Friday 10th of February the follow up meeting took place for finalizing the commitment of the deliverables.
Many topics together with our vision & mission were planned for 2023. The board discussed with the team many subjects related to the team development, technologies, and projects.
The team presented some of the on going projects such as the mobile app for the Mwakaba project as well as the mobile game being developed by our Unity team.
We are passionate about achieving all our commitments as we did for 2022, and we are looking forward for a successful 2023.
Some of the outcomes:
– More coupling with the German partner
– Hiring for multiple open positions and keep on our initiative on providing training as we do every year
– The team’s visit to Germany
– New tech stack: AI & Robotics
– Migration to managed kubernetes cluster
– Introducing advanced CI/CD strategy to ensure robust, handy and faster delivery
– Steps toward shutting down the WordPress chapter
– Relaunch of Mwakaba (Web & Mobile) with a new attractive UI and completely new backend architecture
– Rolling out Mwakaba on at least 40 new municipalities (average 10 per quarter)
in addition to more ….

The Mwakaba Project is now live in eight municipalities.

We are proud to announce that our Mwakaba project has been adopted by multiple municipalities.

Here’s what our CEO Mr. Alaa Ryad Al Sayegh had to say:

” It’s a great feeling to see a small idea grow and expand to be a platform. Happy and proud to share some encouraging news about the #Mwakaba project

Gibran Khalil Gibran said:

” ليس التقدم بتحسين ما كان، بل بالسير ومواكبة ما سيكون “

“Progress is not by improving what was, but by keeping up with what will be.”

Eight municipalities decided to keep up with modernity and digitalization by joining on #Mwakaba provided by the company:

AST – Alphametic Services and Technologies –

The municipalities are:

( Sharon Municipality
( Municipality of Abadieh
( Municipality of Sawfar
( Municipality of Badghan
( Municipality of Bsous
( Bhamdoun Municipality
( Municipality of Chaney
( Aramoun Municipality

And the number will increase in the coming weeks!! 💪 🤞 🤞 “

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